7 Disneyworld tips for saving time and money

7 Disneyworld Tips: Saving time and money

  • Don’t Lunch At Lunchtime. Better yet, don’t lunch. If you go to lunch at lunchtime like everyone else, chances are you’d be waiting long for a table. Instead, have a brunch, an early dinner at 4 pm so that your times do not coincide with the masses. Better yet, bring your own food and eat while in the queue. If you must dine at the restaurant, some places have priority seating. Look out for that to save yourself time.

  • Don’t Wait Till The End To Shop. If you are going to shop, don’t shop at the end like everyone else. Do it at the start and there won’t be anyone else squeezing with you, or I would recommend shopping when you past by the shops in the middle of the day. Likely, you are looking for souvenirs. What better time than in the middle of the day when you are immersed in the experience to get a piece for keepsake.

  • Visit the City Hall at the start to obtain character greetings schedule information and special event times. Many shows require a fast pass early in the day.

  • Buy discounted tickets from Official Ticket Center or Undercover Tourist or ParkSavers

  • How long to stay? Walt Disney has four theme parks. Each theme park can take you a day. Magic Kingdom and Epcot arguably takes slightly more than a day each whereas Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom takes slightly less than a day. You can buy a five-day ticket, go to each theme park the first four days and leave the last day to visit the park you have enjoyed the most or have explored the least.

  • Leave a couple of buffer days. Another attraction in the area is Universal Orlando Resort where there is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Even non-Harry Potter fans are blown away by the new Diagon Alley area in Universal Studios Florida and Hogsmeade in Islands of Adventure, connected by the Hogwarts Express. You may give yourself 1 day of “other stuff” to do at Walt Disney World such as Downtown Disney, or just go to these places in the night. If you take another day to visit Universal Florida, this gets you in the 6-7 day range.

  • Before you go, download My Disney Experience mobile app. There is also an online interactive map for you to view and get to know the place in advance. If you have questions not covered in this article, another post covers a few commonly asked questions regarding Disneyland.

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