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Ad Blockers for iOS9

If you are an advertiser, or if part of your income stream is based on running ads on your site, ad blockers for iOS9 are no doubt a scary prospect. But if you are a user, ad blockers for iOS9 make the mobile Safari browsing experience a frictionless pleasure. Pages load faster, and scrolling becomes smooth as glass.

List of Ad Blockers for iOS9

Here’s the current list, in alphabetical order, of ad blockers for iOS9:

Once you install a content blocker, go to Settings > Safari and scroll down to Content Blockers. Flip the switch to enable/disable your content blocker(s) of choice.

Ad Blockers for iOS9

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So marketers now may have to accept the new reality that users are going to have ad blockers installed on their mobile devices. While the publishers struggle in this new game zone brought by ad blockers for iOS9, developers also faced issues with Apple. Here’s what Silentium had to say about how the launch of its ad blocker for iOS9 was screwed up by review process.

Here’s also a previous blog post about how to to turn on Pop-up blockers on your default Android browser.

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