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The Best Clock App! – Alarm Clock HD review and thoughts

 I think might have found my favourite ever clock app!

Before you go all skeptical on me and say, “Nah, I am not trying one of these silly alarm clock apps”, please read what I have to say!

Do you agree the only moments you remember, are those when you climb onto bed, and when you are awaken by a terrible, vile sounding alarm? Do you feel that your mood somehow gets carried forward from last night?

Think of the times when you wake up and say : “yeah that was good!”, or, “oh my god that wasn’t too good”Remember all those times that you got really grumpy in the morning?

And now you’d be like – “Yeah i totally get you man!”

GREAT! Now listen to me and when I say that Alarm Clock HD is a GREAT alarm clock app, designed with all the sensibilities and the beauty and art of sleep in mind! It will be there for you when you sleep, and when you wake. Go download this app now!

Alarm Clock HD is a great, full featured alarm clock that will be perfect for you. At first impression, you can see that it has a really cool grow that looks beautiful in the dark, just like one of those modern looking LED clocks. Screen too bright in the dark? Slide across the screen to instantly adjust its brightness. LED colour not to your liking? Customize your own color to suit your mood or preference.

If you are someone who like to lie in bed to read news, or about your friends on social media before sleeping, you got it! Alarm Clock HD has built in news and weather information, as well as the feature to integrate RSS feeds or with Facebook and Twitter to retrieve friend updates.

If you have to look for something the dark after you have switched off the lights(how many times does that happen!), Alarm Clock HD  has a flashlight feature accessible right from the main screen!

My favorite feature however, would be the ability to set your own music to fall asleep to. This will be turned out automatically after the duration that you set. In addition, you can choose your own music as alarm to wake up to. No more of that deafening default alarm tone!

How nice would it be to fall asleep, knowing that everything is all good? What could be better than to wake up some of your favourite music? Alarm Clock HD will make you, a well slept, happy and contented man.

Try out Alarm Clock HD for free right now at this link! 

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