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Get the Latest Amazon Prime App for Prime Instant Videos!

Remember Apple TV, Apple’s The $99 device that allows you to stream television series and movies to TV screen? Amazon has also jumped into the space of offering instant videos on demand in 2011, going up against other services such as iTunes, Netflix and Hulu. While most of these service is tied some required hardware (like the Apple TV), Amazon started to offer instant videos hosted in the cloud, over their website without any dedicated equipement needed. Most users are moving to using mobile devices for web and media needs, and Amazon’s decision to develop an Amazon Prime App has made many of its Prime Instant Videos subscribers very happy. Learn how you can watch Amazon Instant Videos on your iOS and Android devices below!

For a long time, subscribers could only watch Amazon Prime Instant Videos over website using a PC or laptop. However, Amazon took another big step in making its library of over 120,000 television series and movies available on iOS devices, with the “Amazon Instant Video” Amazon Prime App for  both the iPhone and the iPad.

Amazon Prime App for iOS

With an existing Amazon Prime account, users can log in and use their membership to view thousands of videos at no additional charge. Furthermore, the Amazon Instant Video app itself is free on the App Store and available to just anyone with a valid iTunes App Store account.

The app runs very smoothly on both our iPad and iPhones, and you are even given to option to download the videos to watch them offline. However, there are two downsides to the Amazon Instant Video app: you cannot purchase or rent non-Prime videos with the app. To do this, you will need to visit the website and make the purchase, then return to the app. We suspect that this is done to escape Apple’s 30% cut on all in app purchases, which Amazon is not happy to do so. In addtion, the Amazon Instant video app lacks the feature of Airplay, making it immpossible to view the videos on your TV screen.

Amazon Prime App for Android

Amazon Instant Videos is available on Android…………. only on Google TV devices at the moment. There are the Google TV devices that are supported for Amazon Prime Instant Videos.

ASUS CUBE with Google TV
Hisense Pulse with Google TV
LG 47G2 and 55G2 Google TV-enabled Smart TVs (LG Smart TVs without Google TV also are supported; those models are listed here.)
NETGEAR’s NeoTV Prime with Google TV
Sony Internet Player NSZ-GS7
Vizio Co-Star

However, with Amazon’s own KindleFire device running on Android, we do expect to see the Android version of Amazon Prime app out soon in the near future. Do you have a workaround for running Amazon Prime Instant videos on Android devices? Share this with us in the comments area below!


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