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Angry Birds Star Wars Thoughts and Walkthrough – angry birds star wars golden droid tips cheats

The force is strong in this one! Angry Birds returns with its sixth installment in its bird hurling, pig smashing hit game, with one of the most popular movie franchises in history. Join us today for our thoughts on the game, and also an exclusive guide /walkthrough to get to all 7 Angry Birds Star Wars Golden Droid levels!

The Angry birds plays the Rebels, fighting against The Empire of the Bad Piggies. It is hilarious and really great to see how the recurring Angry Birds characters are now in the form of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and the furry Chewbacca (Red Bird, Yellow Bird and Big Brother Bird respectively). The new Star Wars abilities also add a fresh update to its gameplay – Lightsabers attack to slice through objects and enemies, Force powers to push debris away or in the face of your enemies, and Blasters that shoot lasers that bounce of metal surfaces.

The game takes elements from its previous game Angry Birds Space. This means that Angry Birds Star Wars is complete with the new space mechanics of having  Storm Trooper Piggies on sitting on different planets, each with” its own gravitational field that affects the trajectory of the birds after launch“.

We feel a collaboration with Star Wars is a great way to expand the franchise The chapters of the game are also course based on the movie. including “Tatooine”, “Death Star”, “Path of the Jedi”. To unlock Path of the Jedi world, players have to either complete the Tatooine and Death Star levels with 3 stars on all levels, or to buy it as an in-app purchase. Save the galaxy with Angry Birds Star Wars today!

There are also the Golden Droid (Golden Egg) bonus levels, which we will be teaching you how to unlock today!




The 1st Golden Droid (Golden Egg) can be found on Level 1-13 in the planet of Tatooine. Use Obi-Wan to force push laser blasts in the direction of the Golden Droid.

The 2nd Golden Droid (Golden Egg) can be found on Level 1-25 in the planet of Tatooine. Use Luke to knock the rock down ontro the ground, then use Obi-Wan to Force push the rock to the end where the Droid is.

The 3rd Golden Droid (Golden Egg) can be found on Level 1-31 in the planet of Tatooine. Use Obi-Wan to Force Push asteroids towards the right, and then do this again but push an asteroid down into the gravitational field and subsequently over the Droid this time.

The 4th Golden Droid (Golden Egg) can be found on Level 2-18 in the planet the Death Star. The Golden Droid is below the main level and very difficult to reach. Gently shoot Han off the left side and wait for 1 – 2 seconds after he drops past viewable area of the screen. Now press on the area  just under the Droid to shoot the laser blaster into the tiny opening

The 5th Golden Droid (Golden Egg) can be found on Level 2-33 in the planet the Death Star. Shoot at least two Hans Solos through the small gap on the north side screen, shooting the Droid with the blaster.

The 6th Golden Droid (Golden Egg) can be found on Level 3-17 in the planet of Hoth. Use a number of Han Solos to bounce his blaster off of the miniature tower onto the Droid located at the top right of the screen.

The 7th and last Golden Droid (Golden Egg) can be found on Level 3-36 in the planet of Hoth. Use Leia’s tractor beam to lift the stone slab right of the Droid. The slab will rest at a perfect angle to bounce Han’s blaster off it to hit the Droid.

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