Apple Issues Refund on Boy’s £1,700 iPhone App Purchases

Danny Kitchen, a five year old boy in the UK, made a whooping £1700 worth of in-app purchases, in a 15-minute spending spree. How Danny actually made payment without his father’s password is not certain, but it highlights that there is such a danger in your children making unintended purchases.


Apple has issued a full refund on the family’s request, after the Kitchens received an electronic invoice with several £70 purchases. They had initially disregarded the email, thinking that it was a mistake. Father, Greg Kitchen, could have provided Danny with the password thinking that he was going to download a free app or game. The boy had purchased weapons and upgrade in the game Zombies vs Ninja.


Fortunately, the Kitchens received a call from their credit card company who called to verify on the transactions. Apple is not a company that is well know to issue refunds, but was understanding enough to make an exception for the family that was shocked by the incident.


Danny is very upset by his actions, but the five year old cannot be blamed for his uninformed actions. His siblings did try to scold Danny, but they could not have prevented nor turn the situation around.


Apple currently offers a number of parental control features that would help to prevent young children from making unintended actions or access undesirable content, such as to hide certain types of apps on the device, turn off all app downloads  et cetera.

Check  out App Quests’ guide on how to turn on restrictions and to disable In-App Purchases on your iOS device here at this link.


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