Guide to the Best Beach House Airbnb Has to Offer

Are you looking for the perfect beach vacation or getaway this summer? Few can have the luxury of having a house built right on the beach or coast. However, Airbnb has made it possible for almost anyone to stay in some of these amazing houses with direct sea views. If staying in a luxurious beachfront property or a cozy little beach house has been on your to-dos, check out our list of 5 of the best beach house Airbnb has to offer!

1. “Playa de los Alemanes” Villa in Atlanterra, Spain

This elegant villa sits on a cliff in the “Costa de la Luz” on the Andalusian coast, which faces the Alantic Ocean. This villa features a modern, simplistic yet elegant design.

It is minutes away from the beach, boasts three guests rooms with private bathrooms terraces overlooking the ocean. Other top-class amenities include a pool, interior patios, and gymnasium.

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2. Cozy Caribbean Condo by the Sea in Cancun, Mexico

This gorgeous Mayan Inspired condominium is located in Cancun, Mexico on the amazing Puerto Juarez Beach with some breathtaking views of the caribbean sea and the Isla Mujeres Island.

The exotic apartment has two full furnished bedrooms together with 2 spacious bathrooms. The condo is also equipped with amenities such as a pool, sea lounge, kitchen and balcony.

Around the condo are various attracts such as the archaeological site the ‘El Meco’ Ruins, which is just 10 minutes away by bicycle.

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3. Gorgeous Beach House with Rooftop Terrace in Asia, Peru

This beautiful Beach House is minutes away from the exclusive Asia district in Peru. It features a clean, Caribbean design, that makes gets you in the right mood for summer.

Being very close to the beach, you can enjoy great sea views from one of the two furnished terraces (one on the roof top) and a relaxing patio. Other amenities include access to the complex’s swimming pool an playground.

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4. Beach Villa with Panoramic Ocean Views in Baja California Sur, Mexico

This charming 2700 sq ft villa offers an amazing panoramic ocean view and delightful ocean breeze. It is only minutes away from downtown San Jose Del Cabo, making it the perfect spot for your beach vacation.

There are three rooms, each with a different picturistic view of the Sea of Cortez. The master suite has a king sized bed and spectacular views of the coast, complete with a full private bath.

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5. Spanish Colonial Beach Townhome in San Diego, California

This spacious three-floor townhome features a whitewashed, Mediterranean design. It includes a rooftop patio with incredible sea views on one side, and the view of the entire San Diego on the other. This beach house is the perfect place for you to watch the pacific sunset.

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