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Were you ever stranded in an area with poor 3G connectivity, and in a dire need of a fast WiFi connection? There are numerous apps in the App Store for locating WiFi hotspots near you, and after testing quite a few of them, we find ‘Wi-Fi Finder’ to be the best iPhone Wifi finder.

best iphone wifi finder

The app is not only the most functional, best iPhone Wifi finder, but also free on the App Store. As you open the app, you will get three options to choose from ‘Find Public Wi-Fi Near me’, ‘Search for Wi-Fi Worldwide’, and ‘Offline Wi-Fi Finder Avaialble’. Intuitively, we decided to see what happens if we press on ‘Offline Wi-Fi Finder Available’ with NO internet connection. While we were expecting the app to already have a mega built in list of hotspots, we were disappointed but not surprised that you have to predownload this list with an existing internet connection on your iPhone.

‘Find Public Wi-Fi Near me’

Selecting the first option, the app will ask you for your current location, then zoom in to your current location on the map. You will see many markers on the map indicating the hotspots available, as well as a list at the side of the screen, where you can choose to filter between paid free or both types.

Choosing a particular hotspot will bring on a screen at the side showing you information about the hotspot, the name of the establishment, address and even the ISP and contact number. The contact number would be vhandy if you are in severe need for Wifi and if you want to call to make sure that they do have free Wifi before going down, avoiding a wasted trip.

Unfortunately, choosing on an establishment does not show you where it is located on the map- it hides the map completely! This leaves you guessing which direction and how far it is exactly from you current location. Although there is a ‘Get Directions’ button, Pressing on this does not bring up driving directions in the iOS’s Maps app on your iPhone, but rather just show you text based turn by turn directions on getting to the place. Not the most useful feature for a Wifi finder for iPhone.

‘Search for Wi-Fi Worldwide’

This feature basically brings you to the same interface, but allows you to do a search if you are trying to zoom into a particular country or city that you might be visiting. This is useful if you are a businessman or traveller armed with an iPhone but without an internet connection. However, you have to preload the offline data into your iPhone!

‘Offline Wi-Fi Finder Avaialble’

This option is when you have already preloaded the data into your iPhone for offline use. A useful feature is to turn n the option for offline database to be automatically updated when the app detects that you have an existing internet connection.

Do you feel that ‘Wi-Fi Finder’ is the best iPhone Wifi finder app? Share with us what you like or dislike about this app, or suggest an alternative Wifi finder for iPhone in the comments below!

best iphone wifi finder

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