best microsoft office app for iphone

What Is the Best Microsoft Office App for iPhone and iPad

Out of the box, the Apple iPhone does not come with any preset spreadsheet nor word processing apps. Apart from the simplistic ‘Notepad’, there is no way to type notes nor create any meaningful word documents. While Apple has made several iWork applications (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) available as apps, they have issues that mar their general performance, making it rather unpopular with iPhone users (and we will cover why later in this article). What then is the best Microsoft Office App for iPhone and iPad?

Many third party developers have stepped up to offer office suites, combining word processing, spreadsheet and presentation programs into a single app. However, none of them could be said to be perfect because such work is hardly optimal over the small screens. Fortunately, there have been a few apps that have done a considerably good job and slowly gaining popularity amongst iPhone and iPad users. App Quests shows you the best Microsoft Office App for iPhone and iPad, Documents Unlimited.

Best Microsoft Office App for iPhone and iPad

Having tried a number of Office Suite apps available on the iPhone and iPad, we found that very often the app’s functionality turns out to be simplistic and not powerful enough to create complete and profession word documents and spreadsheets. In addtion, there might be compatibility issues when working with some Microsoft Office type files. Our featured app, Documents Unlimited, eliminates these issues in a excellent cloud-based solution.

Documents Unlimited by Appsverse 

Documents Unlimited by Appsverse Inc, uses the cloud to bring users a fully featured Office Suite, including Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation programs in one single app. The Office Suite is based on LibreOffice, an extension from the very popular Open Office, so you know that you will be getting a powerful, fully functional Office suite for your work needs.  In addition, Documents Unlimited features direct integration with Dropbox and Google Docs, making transferring of files between your iOS device and PC a breeze. Above all, it is FREE on the iPad.

Apple Pages/Numbers/Keynote

Apple released mobile versions of 3 programs (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) from its iWork suite, available on both iPad and iPhone. On the whole, the sure looks nice as what we’d expect from Apple, but their focus on style has unfortunately sacrificed some functionalities. For example, Numbers does not allow many of the common Microsoft Excel functions. In addition, for apps that cost $10 each, there have been reports of the apps constantly crashing.

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