Best Mobile Apps To Use For Making International Calls

Best Mobile Apps To Use For Making International Calls

After going through the various mobile apps that facilitate international calls, here are the top 3 mobile apps to use for making international calls. They have minimal commitment and charges based on calling amounts.



Ringo is pay-as-you and charges you according to calling rates. The best is that you can check the calling rates beforehand on its site where you can key in the source and destination. It has 4 stars ratings.



Rebtel has pay-as-you-go option as well and you can calculate the calling rates to the destination country. However, it doesn’t allow you to key in the source. This makes it unclear whether you can make calls from a country outside the US, and if you can, how much does it cost. It has 4.5 stars ratings.


YouRoam claims to be the first mobile app that enables you to receive calls on your number worldwide for free. In spite of its seemingly relative lack of users, it offers caller-ID so that you can view who is calling before you answer and even if you missed the calls, you will be informed of the actual number to call back. YouRoam has positioned itself to be great for travellers, especially with the travel blog on its site.



Hitalk uses credits. Their site is empty and does not provide any pricing information on how much the calling rates are. Nevertheless, it has 4.5 stars ratings as well. Given the low costs associated with such calls, the price differences might be minimal.

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