Best Surf Forecast App

Best Surf Forecast App – Magic Seaweed!

Summer’s here! While some people are looking to hit the beach to relax and enjoy the sun, the true beach lovers are those who get out to the water, for some thrilling surfing action! If you are a avid surfer or someone adventurous who is up for surfing this summer, you might need to be informed of the weather, and frequency and quality of the waves, with the best surf forecast app around – Magic Seaweed Surf Forecast.

Best Surf Forecast App

Best Surf Forecast App

The Magic Seaweed Surf Forecast app is the official app for the very popular surf blog, Magic Seaweed.
The first version of the app came out in 2009, but has since gone through a number of drastic changes with regards to its interface, but the many improvements also made it my favorite best surf forecast app for the iPhone. Magic Seaweed has also gathered great reviews and ratings on the iTunes App Store, and it could be the highest rated, best surf forecast app with over 200 5-star ratings and reviews.

Interface is nice and easy, its clear and straight to the point. You can check and read tide, wave charts, swells, surf reports, that are presented in a clear concise manner. The App Quests team has used it for a few of our surf trips, and it has proved to be really accurate on those occasions.

Is there an area that Magic Seaweed does not do so well? In Magic Seaweed, not all locations available; there seem to be fewer Southern California spot than what we expected. However on more careful inspection, the popular and good spots are all available in the reports, and I guess that is what matters. Other avid surfers might say that Magic Seaweeed is missing streaming live cams that can be found in other apps such as Surfline. However from our experience while playing with a few surf forecast apps, most of these apps such as Surfline requires a premium membership of at $10 a month to be able to view the live cams.

Time to head to the beach to catch waves? Check out daily surf reports in the best surf forecast app! Magic Seaweed is available on the iPhone, from the iTunes App Store

best surf forecast app

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