Nearly Half Of Instagram’s Users Are On Android, watch out iOS!


While Instagram on Android isn’t a new thing, it is notable that it was not originally launched together with the iOS, but rather a separate development that happened later. Being iOS exclusive for the longest time, Instagram grew solely on iOS users into a thriving community and collection of color filtered photographs. A fortnight after its acquisition by […]

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 Top 5 Best Tetris Game App for iPhone and Android: Download the Best and Free Tetris Game Apps!

best craigslist iphone app

Is everybody’s childhood game – Tetris (a.k.a the Brick Game) , available on the iPhone or Android for free? Chances are you would be terribly disappointed if you have tried looking for one. While there are barely any free Tetris games available for the iPhone/iPad, too many exist for Android phones.. and most of them are variants that are hardly […]

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