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Cordy 2 – review and walkthrough

Cordy 2, from SilverTree Media, is a brand new platformer starring Cordy, the cute little robot with tv for a head. Apparently, Cordy lands on a world that has been overtaken by the evil Boogaloo and his minions, and agrees to help them fight the intruders away. On the way, Cordy gets the help of some friends and gains the ability to fly, run up walls and blast through rocks.

There are bounce pads, wall runs, and robotic enemies, teleporters, unlockable areas and puzzles you will encounter. Cordy 2 stands up against feeling like some of the many successful and popular platformers such as Little Big Planet, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and guess what- Cordy 2 does a pretty good job for an iOS game.

The controls are responsive and easy to use, with two buttons on the left of the screen for controlling Cordy’s direction, while a button to Jump and another to perform actions on the right. I initially found that Cordy does not move precisely according to the controls; there is something clumsy about Cordy that you will be extra careful about. However after getting used to it, Cordy’s jerky movement actually added to the charm of the little robot that he is.

You collect gears (the game’s equivalent of coins or gold) as you hop, run or fly through the levels, that are divided into three different zones. While it Cordy 2  not a really challenging game, it employs an Angry Birds style of level rating system, where you get a star for 1. completing the level, 2. collecting all the hidden Zaps (lightning bolts) in the level, 3. beating the level under 3 minutes. In addition, there are  and you get to unlock a number of achievements, bring out the hidden achiever in you.

Cordy 2 for iOS is free to play for the first four levels. Afterwards, you will have the option to purchase the full game at $4.99, which me thinks, is a definitely a good buy. With its simple objectives, challenging platforming, and an adorable art style, Cordy 2 will create a lasting impression and make a good game to have in your mobile device. Check out the Cordy 2 trailer, and download it today at the link below the video.


Appquests score : 4 / 5 (excellent)


Cordy 2 Walkthrough here below:

Level 1-1

Level 1-2

Level 1-3

Level 1-4

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