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Doodle Bowling – makes up lack of online bowling game mode with fun artwork!

Doodle Bowling is a bowling game that is fun and free on the iphone! While most games today feature a multiplayer or online bowling game  mode, Doodle Bowling is a strictly single player game.

The first thing that you notice with Doodle Bowling is that it has the same fun graphics with the doodle series. The default theme with crayon strokes and hand drawn graphics on a background that is a graph paper.

Just like in real life bowling, your goal is to throw the ball down the lane to strike down all 10 pins. Strike down all pins to get a strikes, clear all remaining pins on your second throws to get a spare. All scores are calculated with the same  classic rules, with with 10 frames per game. Getting interested already? Unfortunately, Doodle Bowling it does not quite feel like the real thing.

The game’s physics seems to be poor, it gives you very little sense of weight and resistance.  If you were to swipe fast, balls fly towards the pins at unrealistic speeds, and does not necessarily hit all the pins that it should have. As you swipe up on the screen, balls roll out in a straight line and the way to curl the ball is to swipe it left and right while in its path. This might be difficult if the ball rolls too fast. In addition, the pins feels too light, and tend get to quite easily and in unrealistic way. Splits could be annoyingly common due to this.

Well its Doodle Bowling, which did not promise to be a realistic bowling simulator! It could get really fun if you can spend some time to get used the mechanics. Besides, there are many funky themes to unlock – from doodle, arcade, chalk, cardboard to underwater.

Doodle Bowling is free! See it now here in the iTunes App Store!


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