Expats In Silicon Valley

There are numerous expats in silicon valley, where can I find them?

Here are some of the places you can find expats in your area:

Internations’ Expats

Expats in Silicon Valley

Internations is the leading network & guide for expats in 390 cities worldwide. You need so much information, you have so many questions – but you’re not sure who to ask. You need to find somewhere to live, open a bank account, set up your internet connection – but you’re still getting used to the local language and culture. And most of all, you want to meet others who understand your situation, who share your interests and hobbies – other global minds, new friends.

What if you could find all the expats in silicon valley in one place? Internations is not populated yet but that is what it aims to be for expats in silicon valley. A place where international people like you meet, connect, and exchange information. A welcoming community of open-minded individuals who share your experiences. A secure space full of useful advice from fellow expats and knowledgeable locals. A world of opportunities to network and find friends who will explore your new surroundings with you – wherever you are in the world.

Couchsurfing’s Expats

Expats in Silicon Valley

Couchsurfing, on the other hand, consists of more travelers. Couchsurfing is a global community of 10 million people in more than 200,000 cities who share their life, their world, their journey. Couchsurfing connects travelers with a global network of people willing to share in profound and meaningful ways, making travel a truly social experience. With Couchsurfing, you can stay with locals in every country on earth. Travel like a local, stay in someone’s home and experience the world in a way money can’t buy. There is a community of Couchsurfers near you. Many cities have weekly language exchanges, dance classes, hikes and dinners. Make new friends.

Feathero’s Expats

Expats in Silicon Valley

Feathero is a free friend-making app based on similarity and proximity. You can discover new friends effortlessly while enjoying polls. Everyone likes people like themselves! Find buddies for common activities, trade advices for a skill and get to know other perspectives. Discover friends who are similar in interests, opinions and personality! What’s more, you can set the range of proximity of people to discover! Get to know what people are curious about and give your input. Let your friends know your everyday quirks, what goes through your mind and your stance on topics! Have a question to ask? Post a question and get responses! See how many people share your view and how many don’t!

Feathero Expats in Silicon Valley

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