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Cool Commands to Use With the Facebook Graph Search Function!

First unveiled earlier in March this year in its initial beta, the Facebook Graph Search function is a new way for Facebook users to find people, along with their pictures, interests and places on Facebook. The Graph Search function will be introduced more widely to Facebook users in the course of this month, and users who have Faceook set in US English will automatically receive the new feature.

While the Facebook Graph Search function have been deemed as the ultimate stalking tool, or a privacy nightmare, it can be a pretty interesting tool to dig out interesting content if you are on the other side of the fence. The App Quests team is here to share with you interesting and cool commands to use with the latest Facebook Graph Search function, after the jump.

The Facebook Graph Search Function

The Facebook Graph Search function is similar to original search box where you can search for particular users, friends or pages, but with much more complex and complicated features. Facebook indexes every users’ public posts, pictures, likes, check-ins etc, and make it possible for everyone to look up this information through more intuitive querying. For example, you can simply type : “Music that Alan Smith likes” to see what music your Facebook friend, Alan, has liked on Facebook. This can previously be done by manually going to Alan’s Facebook profile, and then looking under his list of facvorite music.

Cool and Interesting Queries with Facebook Graph Search Function

If you are planning for a vacation..

Very often, we turn to our friends who live in a particular city for travel tips in that place. With Graph Search, here are some of the queries that you can do :

Restaurants in [City] my friends like.

This would bring up the results of all of the restaurants in a particular that your friends liked on Facebook. Great if you are out of ideas of looking for somewhere new to eat.

Restaurants in [City] liked by people who live in [City].

How about if you only trust the taste of a certain group of people? Foodies like the New Yorkers could even know of better places to eat in San Francisco than the San Franciscans!

Singles in [City]

Single and looking? Use Facebook as a dating tool by looking up all the singles in your area!

Friends who like [Band/Artist]

Find friends with similar taste in music!

Here are others that you might find useful :

Movies liked by people who like [Book Title]
My friends who like [Actor/Director/Movie Title]
My friends who like [Food name].
Friends who work at [Organization name].
Photos from [Year] that I liked.
Photos of me and [Person].

And some interesting ones we found from the web :

Friends who like Justin Bieber
My friends of friends who are single
Single men in San Francisco Who Went To Harvard Or Stanford
Restaurants in San Francisco Liked by Culinary Institute Of America graduates
My friends nearby who’ve visited karaoke places
My friends who are married
My non-friends who went to my college and live nearby
Single women nearby who Like Star Wars


Have some interesting searches? Share it with us in the comments below!


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