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FIFA 13 iPhone review – fifa 13 ultimate game on iOS!

FIFA 13 iPhone might not be new, but with a price drop from $6.99 to $0.99, it is definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already!

Released in September 2012, FIFA 13 iPhone (also available for iPad) is the mobile counterpart to the immensely popular soccer franchise predominantly on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. We must say that the mobile version of the game is just as fun as exciting.



FIFA 13 iPhone features  500 licensed teams, with more than 15,000 players across 30 worldwide leagues. You don’t have to worry whether your favorite player is in the game! Most player models are true to its real world counterparts, with the exception of a few that looks absolutely hilarious. This happens especially when players who have little stubbles or small pencil moustaches are given full blown Aladin-styled moustaches.


The controls on iOS devices are pretty much similar to previous editions of the game. You control movement and direction using the virtual joystick on the left, while performing actions such as passing, sprinting and shooting with the buttons on the right. This gets a while to get used to if you are coming from the console versions of FIFA 13.

In FIFA 13 iPhone we have a new addition of a skill move button that you can use to perform fakes, tricks against to skip pass your opponents. The online mode is also one of the biggest addition to FIFA 13 iPhone. Players can now challenge friends using their iPhone, Email or Facebook contacts, or face random opponents by being matched up with strangers. The other three  play modes, including Quick-match, Ultimate Team, Career Mode offers the engaging single player experience that we are all familiar with.


FIFA 13 iPhone APPQUESTS SCORE : 4 / 5 (excellent) 


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