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Finally, A Real Star Wars iPad Game! – Knights of the Old Republic

When we wrote about LucasArts shutting down a while back, and with Star Wars game development now being licensed out, we were particularly sad that we might not see games like the amazing Knights of the Old Republic (or KOTOR) again. KOTOR stood as one of the best Role Playing Games of all time, and undeniably the greatest Star Wars game in the hearts of critics and casual players alike. In conjunction of its 10th year anniversary, KOTOR has been ported on the iPad, a move which would please fans and new players alike, to finally have a real Star Wars iPad game.

We were lucky to try out KOTOR for the iPad ahead of its release, and we are pleased to say that it is as good a game as it was when it came out. The graphics are of a higher resolution than its console counterpart, frame rate is flawless, and everything can be played on the go.  This is a 100% port so we are not getting any of the crappy social integration or money sucking in-app purchases and add-ons, but the same great adventure that we love.

An area that we might be disappointed with is the movement controls. This Star Wars iPad game requires you to hold and point in the direction that you want your character to move it, but occasionally causes the player to get stuck in an awkward corner or area. A virtual joystick would have been much appreciated, while this slightly clunky controls might get a bit of getting used to, especially after experiencing sleeker controls in KOTOR’s ‘offsprings’ such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

Movement during combat works very well. Menus and other buttons in the user interface during combat are responsive and perform well, if not better than the PC and console versions. In fact, they look so great as if they had been designed for the iPad.

Although some might say that the game levels might look or feel slightly bare with its outdated graphics (a 2003 game), but gameplay is still the key with this RPG classic. For readers who have not actually played this game, it has a really fantastic story that would even put Episodes 1-3 to shame. You owe it to yourself to try out this Star Wars iPad game.

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