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Fish Out of Water – Latest Fish Game by Halfbrick Studios!

If you are an occasional or casual mobile gamer, you might not recognize the name “Halfbrick Studios”. But, you might remember Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride instead – two of the best games on the iOS. Halfbrick Studios is back with their release, Fish Out of Water. How does their latest work fare? Does Halfbrick Studios live up to its name once again?

Fish Out of Water for iOS, is another great adventure with great mechanics that will get you hooked for weeks. The objective is to fling fish out from the water, and send them flying across the ocean and skipping across the surface until they eventually come to stop. Different fish (ranging from fast dolphins to large whales) have different characteristics so you will have to figure the best combination to use to earn the most points. Dolphins for example, glide on the water for a great length while others might perform multiple skips each time.

After hurling the fish across, a group of crab judges on the other side of the ocean will score you according to your distance and skips, just like in the Olympics or the X-games. Not all judges are equally impressed, and will rate you differently. After the crab judges share their verdict, it is the average score that matters.

As you hurl the fish, there are things along the fish’s trajectory that may make or break your game. There are gold orbs that will fill up a boost meter for you to go further, as well as obstacles like jellyfish that might try to stop and impede your flight. In addition, the game features random element and effects that will also be a part of the gameplay. For example, weather elements can affect your progress, therefore players must decide how to best toss the fish to get as far as possible.

In the usual Halfbrick Studio style, players complete in-game objectives and they will be able to level up and unlock more complex objectives. After each level, you will also be able to fuse gems together to form power-ups such as bonus distance, or more favorable scores from the crabs. Logging in through social networks such as Facebook or Google+ will also allow you to create leagues ato compete against friends or as a team.

Check out Fish Out of Water here on the iOS!

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