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Fishing Game App for iPhone – review of Ridiculous, extreme fun with Ridiculous Fishing!

Ridiculous Fishing is a bizarre and comical twist on fishing games. This is one of my favorite fishing game app for iPhone. If fishing is your thing, or you enjoy a thrilling game of mass destruction, Ridiculous Fishing will be sure to get you hooked! (no pun intended)

With all fishing games, you throw your line into the water to start. As you watch your sinker descent the marine world, you want to try to tilt your screen to try to avoid hitting any of the fishes, seahorses and other sea animals. Why? You will find out sooner.

Once you strike a fish, Billy the fisherman will start reeling the line in, and as your hook ascends you want to hook up as many fishes as possible in your path (thats why you should go further down in the first place, get it?) , while avoiding creatures like jellyfish. 

Here is when it gets ridiculous! As the line hits the water, Billy will haul the whole lot of fish up into the sky, and you start shooting them.  YES, SHOOT THE FISHES, ALL OF THEM! Tap on the fishes to destroy them with your pistol, and be quick about it! As you destroy them, fishes will turn into dollar signs and digits as you earn money for catching(killing) them. Bigger fishes takes more hits to be destroyed, and you want to try to juggle them in the air so that they do not fall back into the water and escape. 

Ridiculous fishing will put a smile of your face every time you haul up the huge chunk of the marine community. In fact, it gets more ridiculous the more you play! Purchase crazy new guns to blow all the fish, and powerups that will help you dodge fish that swim to your hook to sabotage your downward conquest into the depths.

There are 4 different levels that you can choose from, with different species of fish in different sizes and colors. These are all in a sort of pixelated style, and accompanied by a music that is retro16-bit inspired.

Through your downward invasion of the sea, and ruthless massacre in the air, main character bill sits there on his little boat emotionless and calm as a rock. Perhaps you should buy him a few new hats in the store to make him feel better. Unusual as a fishing game app for iphone, Ridiculous Fishing features NO in-app purchases! It seems developers Vlambeer chose gameplay over baiting hooking their users of their money, which is surely welcomed!


APP QUESTS SCORE : 4.5 / 5 ( ridiculously fun iPhone fishing game ! )


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