Slot Power Up

Free Slot Games With Bonus Features – A Review

Many new slot games provide bonus rounds, offering mini games beyond the reel that give you additional bonus credits. Bonus features are the the quickest way to increase your coins. Yes, you get more coins on a good spin, but on average, bonus features and rounds can multiply that multifold. Gone are the days of mere free spins as developers came up with innovative ideas to enhance the gameplay of slot games, making it more engaging and fun for the player. If you are one of the players who are bored of just pressing the spin button, you would want to try the following slot games that have additional “extras” built into the game.

Slots Power Up

Slots Power Up is a rare slot game available on both Google Play Store and iTunes Store which includes power features that allow you to gain control over the reel. After a spin, you can make changes to the results by utilizing power features. These power features include locking a reel when you have a good combination, re-spinning a single reel, swapping symbols on the reels, or changing them with a wild one. When I got a good reel, I immediately locked that reel and spinned again and collected winnings on the same reel twice. That made it really exciting for me as I gained control of the reels and could exercise control during strategic times that helped me multiply my winnings.

Credits: Google Play Store


Slotomania is a slot game that gained popularity on Facebook. Some of their casinos offer more bonuses than others. They give out “bonus coins” and their frequency is every four hours. While this is an easy way to increase your coins, the amount of bonus coins you receive increases more than proportionately to the level you are in. At level 400, you get about 30 000 coins. At level 800, you get 200 000 coins. If you are starting from the first level, it will take awhile.

Credits: Apple iTunes Store


Slotozilla has a category of slot games that are with bonuses. It is different from the other two slot developers in that it builds slot games in quantity. If you are looking to explore a huge number of slot variations, last visited it had 82 games in the bonus category alone. However, don’t expect to get the same level of entertainment as the other two. After all, the developers have to spread their effort to a wider range of casinos.


In conclusion, the best slot game for you would depend on what type of thrill you are looking for. If you want to have more control over the outcomes of your spins, Slots Power Up is recommended. If you want to jump on the Facebook popularity bandwagon, Slotomania is for you. If you want to explore a variety of casinos, you might be interested in Slotozilla. The best game for someone may not be the best for another.

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