iOS Game: Badland – Old School Adventure Game

I downloaded this game for free during the Appstore anniversary sale period. I must say that for a game that is going for free, this is one of the most fun iOS games I’ve played so far. For those of you who missed this chance to get it for free, it’s now going for US$3.99 apiece. Now the real question is, is it worth the money? $3.99 for a game is probably about 6 out of 10 on the “How expensive is this app” scale. So for this game to be worth your bucks, it’s gotta at least be a 8 out of 10 on the “How awesome is this game” scale.

It starts out with what seemed like a silhouette of a fluffy, black alien with 2 flippers which look like Bugs Bunny’s ears, trying to navigate itself through an extraterrestrial wasteland. You’d have to keep tapping the screen to float and the screen will slide forward on its own. Anytime you slam into an obstacle and get stuck or get caught up by the screen, you die and start from your last checkpoint. Fairly straightforward game, no complicated rules.


Why should you buy it?

Badland is by no means a poorly designed game (For those of you who might think that it was free because nobody is downloading it), it’s actually remarkably designed, coupled with simple yet beautiful graphics. The black silhouette foreground and neon backlit colour scheme underlines the dark undertone of the game nicely. It’s an eye candy game. If you own an retina display iPad, it’s just an extra reason for you to buy this game.

If you are bored on a ride home or waiting for your queue number to be called, this will be perfect game for you. That’s because.. you have infinite number of lives. Yes, you can now play a game without asking your friends for lives on Facebook. The game introduces more in game obstacles as you get by more levels, so it does get harder which translates to you dying more often. The removal of the “lives” mechanic allows the gamer to be bolder and more experimental with certain maneuvers, this definitely helps with the overall experience.


Why would you think again before buying? 

Navigating the tiny alien may require some getting use to. Tapping the screen with the right frequency to attain the right levitation is not a simple feat (Or maybe it is just me). But then again, if you die, just try again. Lives are free anyway, right?

The game mechanic is not something entirely new. If you are looking for a fresh innovative social game, this is probably not for you. Tapping the screen to get something to move forward dates back to good old symbian days when we play Bounce on our 1st generation colored cellphones and the concept of aliens has been overused for just about as long. But there’s something about the old stuff that keeps us going back for more, isn’t it?

Badland managed to capture the gamers’ attention with its captivating visual graphics coupled with simple, intuitive gameplay. It’s addictive and most important of all, you can play it anywhere and stop anytime. I’d say that the app has hit the sweet spot with its 3.99 pricing, it’s not too expensive for a great time killer. If you are torn between buying or letting this one go, just remember this: You’d have to wait another whole year before the next Appstore sale.

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