Getting Around Disneyland FAQ

Getting Around Disneyland: Maximize Your Time And Experience

Staying at a Disney resort is a magical experience. You get Disney-style furnishings and remain in the world of magic even after you leave the theme park. The perk of staying at Disney Hotel is that you get Magic Morning, which grants you an hour early before the theme park’s opening hours so that you get access to rides without long queues. The prices on Disney’s official site for accommodation is expensive, so shop around discount or travel sites such as Costco travel to get package deals.

Should you get the annual pass? Well, it depends if you are going to be returning to Disneyland. You probably need to return at least five or six time to make the pass worth it, so unless you see yourself returning regularly at least every two months, don’t cage yourself with the pass. If you think you will come back five times, just buy a ticket every time. At least you get the flexibility of choosing not to go, rather than having the pass and compelled to make your ticket worth it.

Should you get a fast pass? If you are a traveller coming from across the globe, a fast pass might make economical sense since the time you save from the pass can be significant that the premium you pay outweighs the hotel cost and limited time that you have during your holiday.

Should you watch the parades or go for rides? While you would want to try all the rides that you always wanted, do not sacrifice the parades! It might seem boring, but no, Disney’s parades are very, very captivating.

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