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Goodnight Safari – the perfect story book kids apps

Goodnight Safari is a bedtime storybook kids apps that that brings children to the heart of the Savannah. They will join baby animals that are preparing to go to bed, and are asked to lend a helping hand these sleepy little creatures – The baby zebra is looking for his mother, the baby giraffe can’t reach his leafy dinner, and the happy hippo needs to bathe in the river. Children can help these animals by tapping on them several times, which would help them to eventually perform the action that the animals require.

Goodnight Safari is one of those kids apps that has some really great art- animals  are adorable and have a textured look to them, while the background is is serene and beautiful. The artist, Luciana Navarro Powell, has managed to capture the charm of the Savannah and feels lighthearted for children to enjoy.

You are able to choose from 2 different modes, one with narration or another without, where you will read the story out to your child. No matter the mode you choose, there is a gentle background music of crickets chirping that will definitely help your child to fall asleep peacefully.

The app has some loading times where you will see the loading wheels spinning, which might be quite unexpected. Also, the storybook does not give sufficient hints as to where to tap, and the child might get lost at times. At 6 pages long, Goodnight Safari is also on the short side. Albeit these small issues, Goodnight Safari is a must have tool in every mother’s arsenal, with its excellent art style, good narration and adorable animals.

APPQUESTS SCORE ( kids apps) : 3.5 / 5

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