Goophone the Best Fake Counterfeit iPhone Ever Made?

Up till 2012, Apple has sold to sell 72 million iPhones around the world. With such a huge popularity, it is not surprising that the iPhone is highly imitated by other major electronics manufacturers in terms of look and functionality. On the other hand, small and obscure electronic manufacturers try leverage on this large demand for iPhones by creating something that looks and works closely to the iPhone to target customers who want an iPhone but are not able to buy one for one reason or another.

counterfeit iPhone

This may not appeal to all users, as already iPhone users irk at the idea of having an “imitation” that is “probably made in china”, but progress that these counterfeit iPhone manufacturers have been making is quite impressive. The Goophone is one of such a popular counterfeit iPhones today.

Suprisingly, the Goophone is not made in China, but rather, in Hong Kong. Hong Kong might not be known for its counterfeit goods, and we are not too sure if they are known for their electronics as well. However, it is notable that the Goophone does not just present itself as a cheap iPhone knockoff. Its production and design is of high quality, and the end product is one that looks and works almost identical to an original Apple iPhone, from the exterior to even the mobile operating system. From the looks of it, this is seems job done well by pretty professional organization or individuals.

If you are still unable to put an image to what I have been talking about, perhaps you should watch this video demonstration of the Goophone.

The Goophone is not only a high quality counterfeit iPhone that features a regular cracked version of iOS. It even features cracked versions of both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, giving you access to free cracked apps from both worlds. If you are interested to know what electronics go into the this counterfeit iPhone, these are the Technical Specifical of the Goophone.

Manufacturer: Goophone
Model: Goophone i5S
Phone Style: Bar, multi-touch screen, 4 inch Capacitive touchscreen
Operating System: Android 4.1.2 OS
Processor: 1GHz Dual-core MTK MT6577 chipset

Screen Size: 4-inch oneglass touchscreen
Display reulotion: 854*480 pixel (dual-core version)
Color Support: 16 million colors
Screen Technology: Multi-touch screen

Camera Resulotion: 5MP rear camera + 1.3MP front camera, digital zoom

Connectivity Technology: GSM + WCDMA
Network Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz + 3G WCDMA 850/2100MHz
Data Technology: EDGE, GPRS
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
WLan: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g
USB: USB 2.0
GPS: GPS/A-GPS (Built-in GPS chipset)


Battery: Li-on battery
Standby Time: 150-200 hours

Built-in Memory: 512MB RAM (dual-core version)
storage: 8GB

Dimensions: 7.6mm thickness

While the current iPhone users try to separate themselves from the crowd of the counterfeit iPhone, imagine the day when counterfeit iPhone manufacturers are able to create a phone that is 100% identical to an authentic Apple product, and managed to smuggle them into some point of the supply chain? Would there be a day where we have to worry about whether the very phones we purchased from our mobile carrier is the real thing? Beware of the counterfeit iPhone!

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