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Social video apps – A guide to the best video sharing apps Vine Cinemagram etc

If you are already a Vine user, you might notice that its community has really picked up over the last few months- many more cool videos and many more users. In fact, Vine has over 100,000 videos uploaded onto its platform since  February 2013, and the Twitter-owned social video company will continue to grow as users look for something more engaging than Instagram.

You might not know, but there are more than 5 other competitors out there fighting for the space of social video as well. If you are not familiar with them, check out our guide to the major social video apps available today.


Currently #1 on the US App Store. Vine isurrently the most popular social video sharing app available. It has features 6-second looping videos, and an interface that allows for easy starting to stopping of video recording, allowing users to get creative to create stop-motion like videos.


Cinemagram features the ability to reverse recordings, and add masks to animate only specific areas while the rest of the screen stands still. Also, there are color filters that can be added at the post processing stage.


Owned by 3d modeling software developers AutoDesk, Socialcam features a number of excellent color filters that are applied before taking the video. That also means that you will not be able to change filters on the video after you hit ‘record’. You can add music and some text to your videos, but color filters seems to be the only real feature of Socialcam at the moment.


Telly features color filters that are very similar to Socialcam, however it is not strictly a closed video community, but emphasizes on video discovery -The main page includes videos that have liked or posted on Telly, and also videos shared on Twitter and Facebook.


Viddy is a app that came much earlier than Vine. While Vine tries to keep things simple for users by limiting videos to 6-seconds, Viddy boasts a whooping 30-second recording time, that might appeal to some users.


Klip boasts a 60-second recording time, however its community seems too small for anyone to want to use it.

These apps are of course, available on the iPhone.

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