Nearly Half Of Instagram’s Users Are On Android, watch out iOS!

While Instagram on Android isn’t a new thing, it is notable that it was not originally launched together with the iOS, but rather a separate development that happened later.

Being iOS exclusive for the longest time, Instagram grew solely on iOS users into a thriving community and collection of color filtered photographs. A fortnight after its acquisition by Facebook, Instagram revealed that it had hit more than 50 million active users, with about 5 million new users each week. You might be thinking, how many of these Instagram users are on Android then?

In celebration of its one year of existence on Android, Instagram has released on its blog here, on the successes of its release in Google’s Mobile Operating System. It is notable that the app garnered more than one million downloads within its first day of launch on Android.

In addition, about half of its 100 million active users today are Android users. While you could argue that this phenomena was achieved with its initial success on the iOS, it is undeniable a large and growing market share of the mobile device world belongs to Android. Move away iPhone and iPad users! Instagram’s strategy of opening up the Android floodgates to its app have worked pretty well, to say the least.

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