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Helm Knight 2 – Medieval fun with our Armored Hero!

Helm Knight 2 is a peculiar looking adventure game that is FREE on the iPhone and iPad. Join the Helm Knight, a hero with a helm for a body, as he fights with his head and his sword through this cartoony adventure!

There are 30 levels in total, littered with various enemies such as snails, snakes, skeletons, flame shooting plants, ice monsters and the powerful Black Knights, who are trying to be his way to collect the crystal at the end of the level.

Along the your journey, there are coins that you can collect, and these coins are critical to the game as you will be able to purchase healing potions or add an additional heath point permanently.

The Helm Knight begins with 3 health points at the start of the stage. Beware of touching any of the monsters or getting damaged as you lose a heart when this happens. Thankfully, some of the monsters drop potions that heals 2 health points for you to stay alive for a longer time, and it is not game over when you do not have enough coins for a potion.

The game has a very simple, cartoony look that looks like a 5-year old’s artwork. However, that adds to the odd but interesting feel to the game. The controls are easy to use and work very well in taking down enemies. but it is not a simple game by any means.

This game is not only adorable, but the levels are definitely challenging. Helm Knight is sure to keep you entertained for hours. Check it out at the link below!

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