8 Steps To Buy A Second-Hand Car

How To Buy A Second-Hand Car In Silicon Valley Or Elsewhere

  1. Search for the car you want. Go to craigslist, put your filters and search. Remember to include location filters because in the later stages you need to be there physically so it cannot be too far from your location.

  2. Negotiate the price. Many people do steps 2 and steps 3 in opposite order. Negotiating and be sure that you are satisfied with the price of the car first saves you precious time going down to test drive cars. Most of the information – such as car history, usage, miles and price – are available online via kbb and carfax or via telecommunications with the owner. Get those information first.

  3. Test-driving the car. The goals of the test drive is to ensure the functions of the car are working well. This includes braking, handling and suspension. Also do the cosmetic checks and light checks to make sure you know all the visible details of the car. If you are satisfied about the car condition for the price, ask that a smog check (seller’s responsibility) be done before proceeding to step 4.

  4. Mechanic check. At this stage, you are ready to buy the car. If steps 1 to 3 are not fully completed, do not proceed. A mechanic check will set your wallet back and you only want to be sending it to the mechanic when you have checked everything from 1 to 3 and ready to buy the car.

  5. Negotiate the price again. (depending on mechanic check) The result of the mechanic check is a basis for negotiating the price. If the mechanic check turns out to be good, then you can buy the car in its good condition. If the condition of the car turns out to be less than expected, then this will set you back from your previously agreed deal with the seller – and thus negotiate with the seller to lower the price given the less than ideal condition of the car.

  6. Transfer ownership. Once you have a deal with the seller, proceed to sign the necessary documents. This includes the car title, car registration label and don’t forget the smog check certificate.

  7. Buy car insurance. After buying the car, you need to be insured before you can drive with a peace of mind. Ring up insurance companies – I dialled Geico and they got me insured on the spot.

  8. Register your car. Head down to the Department of Motor Vehicles to register your vehicle so that the car is officially yours.

Photo Cr: autoblog.com

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