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How To : using Find My iPhone – Tutorial Part 1

Apple’s “Find My iPhone” app has gone through a series of updates and refinement since its introduction with iCloud. However, it looks pretty unpopular an average rating of 3.5 stars in the iTunes App Store. We had the chance to play around with the latest update, we feel that it is a pretty useful and cool app. 

This week, APPQUESTS brings you a special 2-part “How-To” series for the latest Find My iPhone app. In this first part, we will be telling you more about how it works, and teach you how to configure your devices for this useful service!

Updated in late December 2012, the primary purpose of the app is still for you to keep track and locate all your Apple devices. The latest update brings about an enhanced iCloud Lost Mode to make locating and recovering your lost device a breeze. To start, we will teach you how to set your various i-Devices with iCloud to use this free and useful feature.

To configure your iOS devices for Find My iPhone over iCloud, follow the steps below:

1. Go to Settings

2. Scroll down to locate “iCloud”.

3. Turn “Find My iPhone” to ‘On’.

Switch on the “Find my iPhone,” “Find my iPod,” or “Find my iPad” setting.

Goto the Privacy settings and select Location Services.

Switch on the “Location Services” and switch on the “Find My iPhone,” “Find my iPod” or “Find My iPad” setting.

How Find My iPhone works

Over Wireless 3G

Your devices comes with a built-in GPS. This is not only used for location based services and Maps, but also for you to locate the exact location of your phone. if you have turned on the feature of “Find My iPhone”, your phone will send data on your location periodically to iCloud.

Over WiFi

Some devices such as the iPod and some versions of iPad do not have wireless 3G capabilities but only WiFi. For such devices, they will resolve the machine address of the WiFi access point that is is connected to and compare this to a database of locations. Therefore, the device is still able to determine its location and send this information to iCloud.
To set up your Mac with “Find My Mac” :
1. Launch System Preferences

2.Click on iCloud

3. Set “Find my Mac” to ‘On’

4. Click on Security and Privacy settings

5. Select Privacy and select Location Services, and check “Enable Location Services”

Lastly, simply log on to Find My iPhone to see all devices that you have set up using this iCloud account!

Stay tuned to Part 2 of “How-To” for Find My iPhone, where we will showing you how to locate your lost phone, while showing you some of its cool features with you!

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