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How To Get A Refund For Apps

Sometimes, we might purchase the wrong app by accident, and hope to be able to return the app to the App Store for a refund. For example, you might have bought an App in the iPhone version instead of the iPad version by mistake. In such cases, it would be nice to know how to get a refund for apps.

Apple does provide its users with a tool to request for an app refunds. However, this feature is difficult to locate. Fortunately, App Quests here to teach you how to get a refund on an app purchase from the App Store! To sent a request for a refund, follow these steps below :

1. Open iTunes

2. Go to the top of your screen and click “Store”

3. Select the button that has your email address written on it,  (e.g and press “Account”

4. Scroll down to locate “Purchase History” and click on “See All” to see the list of Apps that you have previously purchased.

5. The apps are grouped together according to the date of order. Locate the correct date, and go to the left of the apps name and click the small arrow.

6. Then find the app that you are trying to return, and click on “Report a problem” found on the right side.

7. Lastly, it will bring you to a page titled  “Report a problem”, and give a proper description of why you are looking for a refund, and click “Submit” And you are done submitting a request for refund of apps!

If you are looking for a quicker way to submit a request for a refund on your app purchase, you can use this link here :

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