How To Get The New Facebook Newsfeed Faster Than Everyone else!

Facebook is making the biggest change to site since the introduction of timeline! How to get the new Facebook Newsfeed early? We will tell you how!

Remember when the Timeline was introduced? Many hated it and tried to resist the change, before the social media giant finally put that stamp of authority and implemented it on everyone’s profile pages. While this change is probably less drastic, the new features are here to serve one purpose – to make you to spend more time on the site.

The overhaul of its their Newsfeed, has a new design said to be “mobile inspired”. It will feature larger and more prominent photos and videos (Pinterest anyone?), as well as some reorganization of the Feeds that you can read. To be honest, it is looking pretty good!


The new Feeds (or subfeeds), allows you to view only content specific to that category. For example “All Friends” would show only information about your friends’s posts and activity, with no nonsense like business pages. “Following” will show you the people and pages you follow without your news of your friends; the “Music” feed can show you can see what others are listening to.

Expect some changes to the user interface as well, including a new side bar that has shortcuts to all the commonly used applications. Rumor has it that the Messaging feature will be integrated there as well.

Prepare yourselves, for change is near! It is reported that this facelift is coming within the next few weeks, with the iOS apps following shortly after.

If you are a Facebook junkie and wondering how to get the new Facebook newsfeed now? You can go to to sign up to receive the change early.

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