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How To : how to kill process android

Android users attention! You have probably encountered the event that an app suddenly turns slow and problematic for no reason. You also should face the issue of apps strangely running in the background and overheating your device, and there is no exit button on the App! What do you do?!

APPQUESTS will show you today how to kill process in Android, to close the problematic applications without the use of any third-party App killers:

To do this :

1. Open up the Settings menu

2. Go to Applications > Manage Applications

3. Press on the “Running” tab, where you can see a list of applications that are running.

4. Look for the problematic App that you want to close

5. Press “Force Stop” to kill the app.


A note of caution : Do not frequently killing apps just to free up memory space!

Android has been designed to management all tasks and processes efficiently; when an App is listed as running on the Android OS, it might not even be consuming any resources. However when the system requires more resources, it will automatically close the application down properly to accomodate the newly opened app.

Just a friendly advice from APPSQUESTS!


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