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How to play Farmville 2 on iPad in 5 mins

How to play Farmville 2 on iPad in 5 mins

Farmville is a social network game on Facebook that simulates farming. However, you can only play it on the desktop browser and not mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android. This is because it uses Flash and the devices does not support flash. To play Farmville on the iPhone and iPad, you can download Photon  browser which is a popular Flash browser for mobile devices. Here is how to play Farmville 2 on iPad:

Once you download the

Photon Browser for iPhone at

or the

Photon Browser for iPad version at

you can do the following:

Step 1:

1) Press the lightning bolt button to enter Flash mode.

2) Then go to Farmville website at

You should be able to play the game from your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2:

Only if you encounter issues with playing the game due to small screen size in step 1, then you can try step 2:

1) Pinch the right bar to increase the gameplay size

2) Close the pop-up screens that appear on Farmville and continue playing

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