How To Play Poker

All You Want To Know On How To Play Poker

Basics Of How To Play Poker

How to play poker has been a question asked by many. The basics are here – but more to that, in playing poker to win, you want to be aware of all the possible cards that your opponent could have. This is especially so after the flop and increasingly important into the game. Knowing the mathematical probability is vital to make a decision to raise, call or fold. How do you decide? These are the scenarios. Learn these scenarios; they are more than just tips. So here it is, how to play poker.


You have a winning hand. Narrow the field by forcing drawing hands (that need cards to make a winning hand) to fold and raising the stakes.


You have a winning but want to hide it to raise the stakes and give confidence to opponents. This is good when you are sure-win regardless of what cards come. Else, you may give up your winning position to drawing hands.


You are unsure about your opponent’s cards and think they may have a better hand. You want to gather more information on your opponent’s cards.

Check Raise

Check and raise when the betting comes back to you (when not everyone checked or called) when you have a winning hand and wanted to give confidence to opponents but now have got more in the pot.

Opponents Affect How To Play Poker

Categorize your opponents to whether they are tight and only play one hand or they are playing to have fun. If they are tight, expect to see only top hands from this player. Keep your play tight in the early rounds and watch the habits of others. You’ll notice who are tight players and who are aggressive players and big bluffers. Once you have an understanding of that, you can use their style against them. By varying your playing style, you can psyche many players into folding. Your position on the table is important and it determines how much information you have before you make your decision. The last person who bets has the most information. In addition, at a big table, you’d want to force out as many opponents as possible.

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