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How to Save Battery Life on Android

The Android mobile operating device offers customizability and a number of other features that are not found on its rival, the Apple iOS. Its open architecture and added functionalities such as widgets and animated wallpapers would mean that there are more processes running, which requires more battery life. If you are using an Android device, it is good to learn how to save battery life on Android, to be able to use your device for an extended amount of time.

How To Save Battery Life on Android

These tips are the best practices collect over time from different years and different versions of Android. You may choose to follow only a few and not all, to save battery life on Android phones and tablets. Read on to find out how to save battery life on Android mobile operating system.

1. Find out what processes are battery intensive.

To find out which application is using a high amount of battery power, go to Settings -> Scroll down to “Device” -> Battery. You can see from the list which application or process is using up the highest percentage of battery life/power. This is the first step to save battery life on Android – knowing exactly what is using up your battery life.

2. Disable Wi-Fi when not needed

When you have your Wi-Fi setting on, your phone will be constantly trying to locate and connect to every Wi-Fi signal around you mindlessly. This as it seems, does use up a lot of battery power! To save battery life on Android, turn of Wi-Fi when you are out or whenever you do not need it. This could save you up to 30% of your battery life!

3. Set your device a slower mobile network

Although most of our devices are under a 3G connection, and are able to achieve high speed mobile internet, you can still choose to use a 2G network in order to use less battery power. If you are in an area where there is only 2G networks, you can also explicitly set your device to use 2G, otherwise it would constantly attempt to connect to 3G unnecessarily.

To save battery life on Android by selecting the 2G EDGE network,  go to Settings -> Wireless & Networks -> Mobile Networks -> “Use only 2G networks”.

**Not supported on all Android devices**

 4. Uninstall unwanted apps

With Android, you are always unsure of what processes are actually running in the background. Modern apps have the feature of secretly uploading data such as location information, that are slowly eating up your battery power in the background.

Therefore, we recommend that you delete all unwanted apps to minimise the chances that these unused apps are using up all your battery life unknowingly!

5. Power Saver mode

Some Android devices some with a Power Saver mode. To locate this feature, enter Settings -> Power Saver and look through he available options to save battery life on Android devices!

6. Decrease brightness

One of the most battery intensive, yet necessary feature on Android devices is the screen brightness. Your display is probably the biggest user of battery life, and you have the option to control it!

Set your device to the minimum brightness if possible, and turn off the automatic brightness sensor setting. Although this would make viewing difficult sometimes, you can always turn up the brightness only when you need to.

There are many apps that allow you to very quickly adjust the brightness of your device. Look for these apps in the Google Play Store.

7. Lose the widgets

We know the widgets are a selling point of Android, but the truth that is is not practical and takes up more battery life than what you actually get out of it. It will put a constant strain on your battery life for the whole day even if you are not actually looking at them. Lose the widgets if you can, to save battery life on Android!

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