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How to Sign In to Google Play Store

Are you having trouble signing in to the Google Play Store? App Quests shows you how to sign in to google play store in a few simple steps.

Are trying to download an app, but told that you have to sign in to an account? Are you stuck trying to sign in because of Android’s rather messy interface?

How to sign in to Google Play Store in Android

To sign in with a different account:

1. Enter the Play Store app, enter the Menu -> Accounts
2. Press on “Add Account”
3. Select “OK” to create a new Google Account, or to sign in to an existing account.
4. Follow the step by step instructions to be signed in to your new account!

If you want to remove an existing account from your device, you have to go to Settings > Accounts options to see the list of accounts associated with your device. If you have more than one accounts in this list, you will be able to remove the additional accounts, but Android requires you to be signed in to one Google Account at any point of time.

More about Google Play Store Accounts, and signing in.

1. To use Google Play Store on Android, you have to be signed in to a Google Account, the same account that you have been using for services like Youtube or Gmail. To be able to download apps, sign in with your username and password, then tap on the Play Store icon on your device.

2. However if you have recently done a factory reset or acquired a new Android device, you will have to sign in to this Google Account to access your previously bought or downloaded apps.

3. If you have forgotten your Google Account details (username or password),  go to this link to go through the account recovery process.


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