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How to Transfer Files to Android Devices – transferring of Songs, Pictures and Photos

If you have a file that on your computer that you want to make available on your Android device, learn how to do this easy task in 2 different ways! Get your music, mp3, photos, PDF and other files on to your Android powered smartphone quickly in less than 10 minutes! Read our guide after the jump.

How to Transfer Files to Android Devices

There are many ways to transfer files to your Android device from a PC, Mac or your laptop, but today we will be showing you 2 of the easiest and fastest way to get your files onto your mobile device.

1. Transfer Files to Android Device Using USB Transfer

Plug your USB or micro USB cable into your computer with the other end already connected to your Android phone. Wait for few moments, and a new icon or window should appear on your home screen, indicating that you have successfully connected your device to your computer.

If this does not come up, you might be missing these necessary steps

If you are on a PC, there will be a small pop up at the bottom right of the screen on the toolbar. Be patient and wait for a few moments for configuration and installation to be complete. Next (IMPORTANT!): Pick up your Android device, and pull down the notification window and tap USB Storage to enable USB connection.

On your computer, locate the new removable storage icon that has appeared, and simply drag and drop your files into the appropriate folder.

2. Transfer Files to Android Device Using Dropbox

Dropbox is a popular, free to use service that allows you to store your files remotely on the cloud. The benefits are, that you will not have to waste precious space to store your files, and you can access all your files anytime on your computer and/or your Android device!

To use Dropbox, make sure that you have Dropbox set up on both your PC and Android. On your PC, simply visit or download the app. On your Android device, download the Dropbox app HERE. Lastly, simply sign in to the service and upload or download whatever files you need from the cloud file hosting service!


So you just learnt how to transfer files and want to try applying this? Learn how to make Youtube videos your Android ringtone at our tutorial HERE!

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