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How to Turn Youtube Videos Into Ringtone for Smartphones

Have you ever been on Youtube listening to great song, that you wish could be made into a ringtone for your android device? While this is possible, it is also very simple and easy! Youtube artists like Boyce Avenue has some great music covers that would make a great mp3 ringtones for your Android device. To learn how transform Youtube into ringtone, keep reading to find our guide below.

How to transform audio from Youtube into Ringtone for Android Device


To set at audio or song of a Youtube video as your ringtone, simply  follow these simple steps.


1. Locate your Youtube video.The content of the Youtube video can anything, as long as you want it as your ringtone. The Super Mario theme song is a popular ringtone, that we have included here an an example :


2. Use free services to convert your Youtube video into an mp3 file to be used as a ringtone. We recommend this tool :


3. Transfer the mp3 file to your device. Refer to our tutorial HERE if you need help doing this.


4. Open the Google Play Store in your Android smartphone.


5. Search for “Ringdroid” and download it.


6. Load the mp3 file you derived from the Youtube video, edit the file if necessary.


7. Press “save” when you are ready!


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