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Photon Browser

Photon Browser is a browser app that enables users to run Flash on iOS devices.

Once you download the

Photon Browser for iPhone at

or the

Photon Browser for iPad version at

you can play Flash games like Farmville, Kacolle, watch videos and animations.

How to make full use of the browser:

1) Make sure you are using the Photon app instead of Safari or Android Browser. The Photon browser is a separate application from Apple’s Safari or Android Browser. To use the flash features you need to be running the Photon browser app.

2) If you encounter a site that requires flash, please make sure to click on the “Lightning Bolt” button to enable flash mode. Flash mode will enable flash pages to be displayed on the browser.

3) If you get an error message connecting to the server, you may have a firewall or proxy server blocking the connection. In this case, you can try to change “Port” setting which can be found in the settings menu (the “Gear” icon). Go to Gear Icon —>Port and try changing the setting to 3 or 4.

4) Make sure that you are using the latest Photon Engine. To do this, go to the Gear Icon (top right corner, next to the lightning bold icon)  –> Photon Engine –> select the highest option.

5) Try to use a faster connection such as a Wifi connection instead of 3G. If you are using this in a public network such as in a university or hospital, you might experience slowness due to Firewalls in the network.

6) If you are making use of a slower connection, you should also set the bandwidth lower so that you will have a faster experience. If you have a fast connection, set the bandwidth to the highest. Press Gear Icon -> Bandwidth and set it to a lower number (1 – lowest , 6 – highest ).

7) Lastly, set the mode to match the nature of the content you are viewing. If you are trying to watch a video, choose the “Video” mode. (Gear Icon -> Mode -> Video). This setting is optimized for video watching. For games, choose the “Game” mode. For regular browsing, “Web” should work well for you. However, your experience is still dependent on the connection you are having.


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