2 main concepts on how to win at slots

How To Win At Slots: Demystifying The Slot Game

First of all, let me welcome the new players of slots by giving an overview of the rules of the slot game before moving on to how to win at slots.

A new player just starting might be wondering how to win at slots, and but fundamentally how to play the game – what do the terms reel, stops and other terminologies represent. Here is a quick refresh for the more seasoned players and to demystify these jargon to the new users. Reels are the rotating bands that display the icons. Hits frequency is the theoretical percentage of plays involving a pay. Multipliers are the number of times an amount is increased. Bonuses are special additions to the game theme. It could be activated when certain symbols appear in a winning combination. Some bonus rounds are sessions of free spins, some increases the multiplier  a special feature of the particular game theme while some are short mini games. This is usually activated when certain symbols appear in a winning combination.

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Slot Game Tips

After learning the basics of the game, you would want to move towards playing your game strategically on how to win at slots. In my earlier article, how to beat the odds at slot games, I wrote about selecting max bet or not, playing games that give you more options as well as bonuses. This round I will write on the two key concepts to win at slots: payout percentages and money management.

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Payout percentages

Recognize the percentages payout and play for the fun. Casinos often have around more or less 90% payout. While this might sound attractive, it also means that 10% of the time you are losing. To put it bluntly, on average, every ten coins placed into a slot machine, only nine comes out. Thus, if anyone tells you they have a sure-win method for play slot games, they either do not know what they are talking about or they are just messing with you. Although this article is about how to win at slots, it is a technique to increase your odds, not to guarantee your win. Slot games are statistically designed so that players contribute a certain amount to the operators. It is true that if you play strategically, you can raise your odds. There are waves of ups and downs when playing slots and at times you could be winning massively such as when you hit a jackpot. However, even with strategic playing, you could be contributing a small percentage of your capital to the operator. If you play online slot games that use credits, you will not be losing real money. However, continue to recognize that playing slots is for recreation; see the game as leisure and entertainment and not a source of income.

Money management

Seeing the game as a form of entertainment, set aside an amount that you think is reasonable to pay for this recreation. After setting a budget, stick to the budget. This applies to both casino slot machines and online games. For example, if you have a budget of $500 a week, enjoy pulling the handle but stop once you’ve spent $500. Don’t have the gambler mentality that you will win back if you continue to play. This mentality usually results in more undesired consequences. Set a budget and stick to it.

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Now you know how to win at slots.

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