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Hungry Fish – Best Math App for Kids

Your pet fish is hungry – hungry for numbers! Hungry Fish is a fun addition and subtraction game for small children (4 years and above). There are 18 levels of increasing difficulty to challenge even adults!

The goal of the game is just to drag the bubble/food with the number that is written on the fish to its mouth. If the correct and same number, the fish will gobble up the bubble. If there are no number bubbles that matches this number, you must join 2 or more bubbles together to form the number.

The learning goals, as stated by developer Motion Math, are to :

– To develop fast, agile mental arithmetic – To learn there are multiple paths to add up to every sum – To build automaticity in adding and subtracting positive and negative integer

There are 18 levels in increasing order of difficulty. The game is rather challenging as the fish will decrease in size every few seconds and eventually become too small to live. Therefore, you would have to be fast to feed the fish with the correct answer. With every correct answer he eats, the bigger he gets.

Upon completion of every level, you will also unlock new fins and colours to customize your fish with. This feature will be very popular with children, to serve as a motivation for them to do well to complete the stages.

Hungry Fish is an excellent tool to train your child’s mental addition and subtraction. At higher levels, it is challenging enough even for adults. Other modes such as multiplication and division are available, but have to be bought as an in app purchase ranging from $1.99 – $6.99. Get Hungry Fish for iOS here at this link!

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