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iOS Game Review: Dead Ahead

Dead Ahead is a free runner shooter game that evokes the sense of nostalgia of playing a old school Nintendo game. Once again, Chillingo has come up with a run away hit game that won over the heart of many gamers. The endless gameplay (The road never ends) coupled with cool upgrades provide an addictive gameplay experience.

The user starts off the game watching a cutscene of the main character looking down a crumbling building. Hordes of undead litter the streets. The game starts by controlling the character on a bike (or a scooter, rather), trying to make his way out of the place. The controls are fairly intuitive, there is also a short in game tutorial to guide you through. Occasionally, there will be a boss fight, which is essentially a larger monster that runs much faster than the usual undead. You cannot run over it and the only way to take it down is to shoot it. The ultimate gun is available for upgrade at 1.99 dollars, I don’t recommend going for this shortcut because it takes the fun out of it. Although to actually get that weapon with in game credit, you’ll need to be a hell lot more addicted to the game than I am.

This is a game which has a whacky sense of humour. Its pixel inspired art work adds to the flavour as well. The promise of upgrades (a better gun and a better bike) keeps a gamer wanting to go back for more. The only quirk that I’m not really comfortable with is the lack of social elements to it. But again, a game that builds upon our want for nostalgia has no need for this.

Overall,I think this game is a winner for me. If you are looking for a game that provides the RPG experience and yet doesn’t have too much time to spare, this is just the game for you!

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