iOS Game Review: Dots

Talk about mobile games these days and some familiar names always come to mind: the legendary Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies to the insanely popular Candy Crush. This games are usually splashed with bright colours and a easy-to-follow storyline. This is a stark dissemblance to what Dots is about. Dots represents simplicity and yet, still embodies the essence of gaming.


The main idea of the game is connecting dots. You start out with a grid of dots in different colours. You may use your finger to link a minimum of 2 dots of the same colour together to form a line. Once a line is formed, the linked dots will disappear and adds to your total score. The catch is you only have a 60 seconds time duration to get as high a score you can.

If you can link the dots up such that it forms a square, the entire screen will be cleared of that specific colour. The use of the square shape becomes increasingly essential in consistently attaining a high score. There are also booster power ups which you may use to make that job easier. Boosters can be bought with dots you earned from playing the game or by purchasing with money from within the app. The obtaining of dots is a fairly simple task, only the really zealous players may be tempted to splurge on power ups.

At the end of the game, your score will be compared against the high score chart from all over the globe. The drive is to climb up that high score list. There is no bonus level, no fancy graphics and no social element to it, just a pure gaming experience in its simplest form.

Why Dots?

Dots is a deceptively simple game to play, intuitive and clear. My first impression of Dots tells me that this is sort of an abstract game, one that requires a good portion of my brain capacity to be fully able to grasp. But I was hooked in 3 minutes. There is something about connecting the dots that’s so strangely addictive. The fact that it lasts a perfect 60 seconds means that we don’t have to spare a good bulk of our time playing the game, it’s an excellent play-and-go game for anyone with a minute or two to kill. The competitive element is there to give a subtle hint to the users: Even if you only have a minute to spare, you still have your shot at fame.

The overall design of the app is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and offers a nice contrast to the available games on the market. Although the game mechanics is not a new concept, I’d say that it has been executed to near perfection. I would recommend this free game to just about anybody who needs break in life and a quiet, yet enjoyable moment to himself/herself.


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