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iPhone Hard Reboot in One Easy Step

Feeling like your Apple iPhone caught a bug or do not seem to be working well? Is your iPhone slow and not responsive? Like most electronic devices, it is good to give your device a little reboot from time to time. This will not cause you to lose any of your data like a RESET does. Learn how to do an iPhone hard reboot with our tutorial below.

iPhone Hard Reboot in Just One Easy Step

To do a hard reset on your phone, you will need to both the Power/Lock button and the Home Button to be Functioning. If any of these buttons are faulty, please check out our other guides HERE AND HERE.

To give you iPhone a hard reboot, press and hold down on the two buttons for about 5 seconds, and the display should turn into a blank screen with the Apple logo in the middle.

Your iPhone hard rebooting will be complete on its on within a minute or two!

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