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How to Resolve – iPhone Overheating in the Sun

Have you ever left your iPhone in the car, or in an outdoor area directly under the sun? Chances are, your iPhone is bound to get severely overheated in the sun. iPhone overheating in the sun is not a good thing for the phone, and should be avoided at all costs. If you have encountered this, you might see the following screen on your phone

The Apple iPhone was not designed to go over 45 degrees Celsius or 115 degrees Fahrenheit. This may seem quite high, but it is easy for your iPhone to reach these temperatures if you leave your phone under direct sunlight, especially in a car where is warms up like a greenhouse, where your phone could potentially be damaged due to very high temperatures.

If you have left your phone in such situations, and unfortunately overheats, Apple has designed the phone to display the above screen and subsequently shut down your phone.

Common Reasons for iPhone Overheating

Apple says that using your iPhone

1. as a GPS tracker in your car on a sunnyday

2. for listening to music leaving the phone in direct sunlight..

are the two operations that are especially common and dangerous.

Common Effects of iPhone Overheating

When the iPhone overheats, Apple also claims that you might experience these results:

1. device battery stops charging

2. display weakens

3,poor cellular signal.


What To Do When iPhone Overheats in the Sun

If your iPhone overheats in the sun by some unfortunate reason, we suggest that you take it away to a cool, shaded environment as soon as possible, and allow it to cool down until room temperature.

Even if the phone is very hot and not impossible to hold on to, do not attempt cooling techniques like pouring water over it, using a fan to blow it, or putting it in a freezer. Such rapid cooling techniques might cause differential cooling inside of the iPhone, causing electronic parts to become faulty.

The iPhone battery would be the most vulnerable component of the iPhone, so if you experience problems with charging or low battery life, bring it to an Apple Care representative immediately.


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