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Jumbled Sentences 3 – fun spelling game for kids!

Jumbled Sentences 3, is the 3rd and latest installment in the five-part series of educational sentence-forming, fun spelling game for kids that is perfect for young children the age of 4-5.

Jumbled Sentences 3 is designed to be a fun and interactive way of learning word order, by dragging and dropping the given words to spell sentences. It is not a word spelling game per se, but it teaches kids to form sentences based of a number of given words. The game can be played completely alone by the child or a few of your kids, as there is a hint and self check tool and tell you whether you are right or wrong.

As you start on the first level,  you can see words that are rotated around a wheel with a picture in the middle. All the words must be used to complete a sentence that best describes the picture clue in the middle. The sentences are not too difficult, while the cute pictures with animals and cartoons are perfect for young kids. 

As you drag the words to the boxes, there is a voice-over narration reads the word out to you, which aids the child in spelling or forming the sentences. He/she would be able to think of the sentence formation on his/her own, while using the way the word is read as a guide. If you were to get input a wrong answer, the correct words will stay, so you will not have to do it all over again, which might be quite a brain wreck for more complex sentences in the higher levels. On every correct answer, the child will be rewarded with a coin.

Jumbled Sentences 3 comes in 3 levels in order of increasing difficulty –  at Level 2 there will be one or more extra words, which really tests the child on other areas such as grammar and singular/plural word usage while developing descriptive skills.

I can see two grey mouse?

At the 3rd and final stage, there will be no picture clue, and children will use their thinking skills and understanding of the words as they are spelling the correct sentence. If a child is stuck, fortunately a “Hint” button is available in the game to help the child if he is lost, at the cost of a coin. However we do not particularly like the “Hint” feature.  It reveals the entire sentence which might not be beneficial to the child eventually figuring out the answer.

At the end of each level, the child is able to exchange his coins for stickers on the sticker page. The more coins he/she earns the more stickers he/she can get to decorate the sticker page. This serves as a great motivation for the kids and I imagine that they would love this addition in this spelling game for kids!

Jumbled Sentences 3 is free without any annoying in app purchases. If you are a parent looking for a educational game for your child, download Jumbled Sentences 3 now!


APPQUESTS KIDS SCORE – 4 /5 ( excellent )

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