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Little Inferno – The Virtual Fireplace for Fiery Fun!

Do you miss watching that old fireplace from long ago? The dancing flames and the burning wood.. or maybe the little firework that might jump out if you throw something random (like a twig) in. How about a virtual fireplace with a twist?

Enter Little Inferno, an indie game by the guys who also worked on the critically acclaimed World of Goo. Warm your heart, as you throw alarm clocks, exploding fish, or even a bus of screaming school children into your “Entertainment Fireplace” and watch them burn.

How does the game progress you ask? As you burn things up, you will earn coins, and unlock more bizarre and weird items to be purchased. There is also a creepy lady who sends you letters, encouraging you to keep burning everything and in different combinations. While it feels morbid to toss harmless toys and household goods into the fire, it gets rather therapeutic after a while and you might even get excited waiting for your next shipment of items to arrive.

Little Inferno is great to look at, and gameplay is fast and disturbingly addictive. You might find yourself frantically hauling more and more things to create a big strong fire, and just to sit back and watch it burn. However sadistic and odd that is, Little Inferno is also clever and imaginative. When you will reach a point that you finished burning everything, you might even start to realize that theres something philosophical about the game. Just like in life, you mindlessly work hard to get something, and use these to get even more of it. And there comes a day.. when theres nothing left for you, that you move on and look for something else..

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