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Loved Metro Train’s Dumb Ways to Die Video? Now Play the Official Game!

You have seen the video! Now, play the game! Metro Train Melbourne’s viral video has reached close to 49 million views on its Youtube Page to date. While the Dumb Ways to Die video has been remembered as catchy, entertaining, brilliantly viral, it serves to educate Metro Train commuters that dying due to unsafe behavior at train stations is a pretty dumb idea. As a follow up, the Dumb Ways to Die video is now an iOS game, where you try to prevent yourself from silly deaths featured in the video.

In the Dumb Ways to Die iOS game, you play as one of the cute bean-like characters featured in the Dumb Ways to Die video, through various mini-games. Once you hit “Play Game”, you will go through a continuous series of mini events featuring silly and absurd ways of getting harmed. Each ‘stage’ lasts for about 5 seconds and features a simple tasks such as tracing your finger over a dotted lines to put mustard on your hot dog, or choosing the right door that does not contain a evil monster that you chomp you up.

As the clock counts down, and the mini-stages finishes, you are awarded points based on how well you faire in the particular stage. If you failed the stage, you would even get negative points, so the goal for you is to stay alive no matter how slow you might take. Although you really only have three lives, it is great fun to watch the animation of the character after failing.

The Dumb Ways to Die video on Youtube shows some memorable occurrences such as characters setting their hair own fire, poking at a grizzly bear or poking a fork into a bread toaster, and some of these do recur in the iOS Dumb Ways to Die game.

The more points you accumulate, you unlock new characters to join you at the train station that can be seen on the opening screen. As much cuteness and entertaining the Dumb Ways to Die video turned game is, its main goal is to educate everyone that safe and proper behavior in train stations is very crucial, especially if you are not looking to die due to silly reasons. As you unlock more characters, they stand happily and safely on the station platform, educating us that that is what exactly we should be doing.

Dumb Ways to Die is available on both the iPad and iPhone, for FREE on the App Store.

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