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Map it now! Map your running with Map My Run

Been running lately? Be sure to map it! APPQUESTS thinks that Map My Run is the perfect app for you to keep track details of your run!

Map My Run (the popular route mapping website), with the release of their iOS app, has made tracking and planning of running routes never easier and more mobile. In fact, Map My Run iOS app was awarded the best running app in the About.com2012 Reader’s Choice Awards.

This app is well suited for just anyone, whether you are jogging, running, or taking a hike. Map My Run records a number of important details that you were not able to record on your own- it makes use of your device’s GPS to track and record your speed, distance covered, calories burned, and total duration of your run. 

The best part of Map My Run is probably its ease of use. The only thing you need to do is to press Record, and everything will be tracked and recorded for you. In addition, it works in the background and you are free to keep your phone locked, take calls or listen to music on your phone.

These are some of performance indicators that Map My Run tracks.

– route

– distance covered

– pace/speed (in minutes per mile or minutes per kilometers)

– calories burned

– total duration of run

– elevation profile

In addition, Map My Run makes it easy by giving live announcements of real time stats doing your workout.

In addition, Map My Run also has  nutrition, food, diet, and weight tracking. For more serious runners or diet conscious users, these data can also be combined to come up with a training log, all within the iOS App.

Just conquered that incredible 5 mile run in less than an hour?? Map My Run can post your run profile to social networking sites to show off your fitness. Apart from this, you can view other routes that people previously recorded and submitted. The best part of this is you can choose to take on their route to challenge them on the leaderboard!

The only downside of the app is that it requires a mandatory log in, which forces you sign up an account with them or to sign in using your personal Facebook account just to map it. We have users reporting that Map My Run posts on their behalf, and this is a feature cannot be turned off. You might want to take note on this one when you map it.

Start running with Map My Run from the App Store!


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